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I love this product! I can't get enough! I'm so glad I bought your stuff and I'll definitely be back to get more!"


- Susan, Phoenix



The flavors you will enjoy as you cook with my prepackaged recipes are third generational and restaurant-proven delicious.  My grandfather, Joe Eliseo Masias, began in the restaurant business in the 1960s using recipes handed down to him by his mother, Jacoba Pina Masias, who was born and raised in Aguas Calientes, Mexico.  For over 40 years, while in the restaurant business, Joe helped to refine the recipes and began to package and sell to other Mexican food restaurants.  The restaurants won awards such as “The Best Green Chile” and “Best Posole” in Pueblo, Colorado, and recently, my brother’s restaurant, Mission at the Bell Restaurant, in Trinidad, Colorado, was listed as one of the 12 places in the state to get the best green...

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